Monday, 2 June 2008

Yves Saint Laurent

As a great lover of all bespectacled people (especially ones who wear their frames as big as they come), I was sad to hear Yves Saint Laurent passed away. As a tribute, some of my favourite outfits from Belle de Jour.


Anonymous said...

That grey coat and hat combo is gorgeous, gah.

vanina said...

that shot of her in that outfit against that backdrop of buildings is my favourite in all of the film -- unbelievably stylish.

Anonymous said...

check our Bette Davis's gown in now Voyager, it is stuning: the one she wore 2/3rds thru the movie, when Paul Henreid is discovered to the architect working on her friends project and she meets him at a party unexpectedly: even though it is in black and white, it has "diamonds" in it and in one scene, when she returns home to wait for him (he calls and she ends up going to see him in the railways station) in the dark, it litereally lites up: but the cut and style of it are utterly breathtaking: I have never seen a more beautiful dress: Arnie