Sunday, 25 May 2008

Eurovision 2008

Russia's entry won the Eurovision Song Contest last night, much to my chagrin. I thought the song was pretty mediocre, and I much prefered France's entry -- Richie Tenenbaum meets Pop Levi:

With all the televoting since the invention of 'Big Brother'- and 'Pop Idol'-type television programmes, I don't make a habit of sending text messages to cast a vote, but I'll make an exception for Eurovision (to my family reading this, please don't disown me!). Anyways, last night my vote went to Israel's Boaz Mauda:

Bonus points to any Eurovision entry sung in a country's native language, it's a genuinely beautiful song, co-written by Dana International. Israel have a fantastic Song Contest history, I hope they'll win again one day.


Dominik Hennig said...

In my opinion Boaz Mauda from Israel was simply the best!

vanina said...

i agree with you, it would be great to see him enter the contest again in a few years' time :)