Sunday, 6 April 2008

i say we all get dolled up and let it begin

You know, I hate to be the kind of person to be all, "oh man, [name of band] were so good before [random, half-arsed reason to explain why you don't like a band anymore that's more down to your own hang-ups than anything else]", but I miss the old one-man Mellowdrone, with a drummer to back him during the more difficult songs. I saw Jonathan Bates open for Johnny Marr and the Healers in 2003, and it was just this one scrawny little fella with wobbling legs and too many effect pedals for his own good. Box was a good album, but with a full band the sound just got too full, too huge for my liking. I don't know if he still uses that sampling technique, but it's one of my best concert memories, seeing him on stage and gradually recording this enormous chorus of his own vocals.

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