Saturday, 5 April 2008

Happy Birthday, Bette Davis

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Miss Bette Davis would have been 100-years-old today. I never saw any of her films until last year, when the BBC ran a 120-minute long documentary on her life and films, followed by Now, Voyager; it was an instant attraction. I've had some difficulties tracking down her films, but with the ones I've seen, I've always been so very impressed with her acting. The American Film Institute placed Bette second behind Katharine Hepburn in the female list of their 100 Stars in 1999, and while I can see why they went for Katharine, personally I prefer Bette Davis as an actress. It may just be their vocal stylings, but Bette Davis always comes across so much more natural. Of the films I've seen so far, Now, Voyager is my favourite of hers; who can resist Paul Henreid lighting two cigarettes?

Flickr user lisaburks has a great set of photographs of Bette Davis' crypt, with some more information on the gravesite (don't worry, it's not morbid) over on her website - apparently Bette Davis chose the statue because she thought it resembled her daughter. This is my favourite photograph from that set, I love how the shadow resembles a young Bette Davis with her beautiful wild, slightly curly hair.

originally uploaded by lisaburks.

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