Sunday, 2 March 2008

Funny Games

A couple months ago, Cinematical posted this stunning movie poster for Michael Haneke's American remake of his own film, Funny Games. I've never seen the original and probably won't watch the remake either (here's the trailer; never mind the violence and 'terror', Michael Pitt's mouth is reason enough for me not to watch a film), but I really enjoy poster art and it always makes me a bit sad when movie bosses decide to go for a far less-interesting poster just because it'll pull the punters in.

I did a bit of a search for the designer who made the first poster, but I couldn't come up with any names. It's an absolutely stunning poster, with that photorealistic image of Naomi Watts and simple font - I sincerely hope that they'll at least use it for a fancy DVD release because it's too good to waste. If the IMDb-message board discussions are anything to go by, the whole promotional campaign is a case of mis-marketing; it'll be a very grim film and the second poster and trailer look like they'd be better suited for another Michael Pitt-film, Murder by Numbers.


Kathryn said...

I've seen the original "Funny Games" (I think Michael Haneke is a fantastic director) and I plan on seeing the American remake. I love the first poster too! It's actually hung up at the art film theater in Lawrence. I recommend the film - it's sort of a meditation on violence in the media and as it's represented in film. It's interesting, but pretty difficult to watch (though there's no actual violence shown in the film).

bright red cardigans said...

i'd probably watch the original funny games if it ever appeared on television, but i doubt i'd search it out, even if i did like (is 'like' the right word?!) la pianiste.

something about michael pitt bugs the hell out of me, it's sad but true, i should find a way not to get so annoyed by actors :/

Kathryn said...

No, I don't like Michael Pitt much either. It just seems like he's playing variations of the same character in all his films and he's in my least favorite movie of all time, "The Dreamers."

I understand what you mean, it's hard to describe how one feels about Haneke's films. I felt like "The Pianist" and "Funny Games" were skillfully done and thought-provoking, but they're not movies you would watch all the time when hanging out with friends or something!

I love your blog, btw! I love the links and photos and everything - gorgeous!

vanina said...

i'm so glad you said the dreamers is one of your least favourite films, i just cannot understand what the fuss is about. are girls still so overwhelmed by the fact that people. are. naked. that they love it that much? my favourite bits from that film were when louis garrel wore clothes, ehh.

hah, i was glad i decided to watch la pianiste on my own, even i had to look away at times :/

thankyou, sweetheart! i'm glad you like it :) xx