Thursday, 15 April 2010

Maru the cat

My favourite internet celebrity is Maru the cat from Japan. He's the biggest cat I've ever seen, aside from the cat at my place of work -- I think they're each other's long lost brothers, they're so enormous. Maru is a Scottish Fold cat, the cutest breed of cat in my book (then again I love animals without pronounced ears, like meerkats and, uhm, seals).

Maru and my cat Ellie couldn't be more different; Ellie is teeny tiny and hates being brushed, whereas it looks like Maru relishes it:

Ellie does love having her belly rubbed (hence her Elliebelly nickname) and has a love for bags instead of Maru's well-documented love affair with boxes.

I'm glad my Ellie's tiny, though, she likes to sleep on my lower back when I sleep on my stomach and if she were Maru-sized, she might do me an injury.


Kat said...

Seriously, the video of Maru getting a running start and sliding into boxes is THE CUTEST THING EVER. That video really cheers me up!

Michelle said...

This cat is amazing. I'm going to go watch all the YouTube videos I can find.