Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autumn = Rock Hudson, Rock Hudson = Autumn

Autumn is by far my favourite season. While I love Christmas, that moment when the leaves start changing colours is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. As soon as it gets cold enough, I like to pile on the blankets and bury myself underneath them and watch endless Rock Hudson movies.

Though I have a long list of mandatory autumn viewing, my boxset of Douglas Sirk's movies is at the top of that list. His searing scores, post-war kitchen design and see-it-coming-from-afar plot "twists" just make my heart swell up. A cup of tea, my cat Elliot purring along and Rock Hudson's beautiful booming voice.. it's heaven.

Even though I do enjoy his films with Doris Day (how can you not?!), and he had a natural charm to him that most movie stars of today can only envy, to me Hudson was at his most appealing in All That Heaven Allows. Possibly the most gentle-hearted character ever to appear on screen -- a bit dull but you can't help thinking and hoping he was really like that.


Kathryn said...

Douglas Sirk collection! I want that! As soon as I saw the subject of this post, I KNEW you'd be mentioning "All That Heaven Allows"! How can you not? Beautiful orange and red leaves and Rock Hudson in a plaid lumberjack coat? Absolutely says autumn.

vanina said...

haha, aren't i predictable? :P i love that film; it's autumn but all they're talking about is christmas trees! i love rock in the film, his character is just beautifully perfect. i think jane wyman is as dull as can be but that's probably true for a lot of "women's pictures" leading ladies.

aww, i could listen to rock's voice all day, and his happy eyes. oh <3