Saturday, 25 July 2009

Literal version

My new favourite thing on YouTube: endless 'literal versions' of all of our favourite 80s videos. Apparently the trend was set by with this genius version of A-ha's 'Take Me On' (you'll have to bear through the annoying internet-TV-personality):

The first one I ever saw, a couple months ago, was this literal version of the Rick roll:

And, since there's not enough Bonnie Tyler on this blog:

And finally, a Billy Idol bonus, just cos the vocals are pretty spot-on..


Kathryn said...

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" is the best one, so HILARIOUS.

vanina said...

i was screaming with laughter as i watched these, i couldn't control myself! so many great moments in these videos, like the "band montage"-falsetto in the a-ha one :P but, yeah, the bonnie one is the best - "emo kid is throwing slo-mo dove in my face", these people deserve an award! :D