Monday, 6 July 2009

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Saunders

If you asked me, "quick, Vanina, who is the funniest person on the planet", I'd answer - without hesitation - Jennifer Saunders.

Her mix of great wit, physical humour and a great observational eye make her my absolute favourite. I suppose when, looking at Wikipedia's "comedic genres", I prefer sketch-based comedy to stand-up and her ability to pack so many great observations (on politics, fashion, pop culture, etc) into such a short time both amaze me and make me laugh so hard the neighbours hear. Like a really great pop album, most 'Absolutely Fabulous' episodes still have something new to pick up on even after the 20th viewing.

She's at her best in 'Ab Fab''s series four; it's like, after the five year wait between 'The Last Shout' and series four, Saunders was bursting with ideas. The season opener, 'Parralox', explodes from the screen and sums up every pop cultural obsession of the previous five years. "Stop clearing it up darling, I'm trying to Jamie Oliver it up a bit, y'know, 'Havin' me mates around, burnt pork chops, fresh 'erbs, fresh 'erbs'".

Though the last series of 'French & Saunders' felt a bit dire, I am lusting after this DVD boxset of their collected television series. This is why:

And just a clip to remind us why Eddie Monsoon is everyone's favourite perpettually-drunk-fashion-victim:

Happy Birthday, Jennifer. Oh, if you're reading, please consider writing an autobiography like Dawn did? I'll take a couple of copies off your hands, promise.

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Teen Dreams said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Jennifer Saunders in Ab Fab so much, she's brilliant with Dawn too. Great post Vanina!