Sunday, 5 October 2008

"it's not about Great Britain.."

My brother sent me this YouTube clip of an advert John Lydon did for a British brand of butter; absolutely hilarious.

Cue everyone and their mother moaning about how John Lydon has "sold out", but how can John Lydon sell out?! When the former Johnny Rotten is cheering on the Royal Family and being chased by cows, I think it's safe to say this commercial is meant to be interpreted as satire. In recent years, punk and the Sex Pistols have become as much of a symbol of British culture as the Royal Family, Harrod's teaspoons and Beatle haircuts; in my opinion Lydon is merely poking fun at the fact that 30 years ago he was considered the scum of the earth by many, and now he's in the BBC's list of 100 Great British Heroes, along with Julie Andrews and William Chaucer.

All in all, another great Lydon-video on YouTube, to add to the long line of them.


Kathryn said...

I think your opinion on the matter was really eloquently written! And I happen to agree.

All in all, I thought the commercial was cute and very tongue in cheek.

vanina said...

thankyou! when someone pronounces "butter" the way lydon does, you can't take them 100 percent seriously, can you? :P