Monday, 18 August 2008

The Holy Trinity of Birthday Buddies

On August 18th, I like to celebrate what I've unofficially dubbed 'The International Day Of Cheese' -- happy birthday to Robert Redford, Christian Slater and Patrick Swayze! The holy trinity of Birthday Buddies; here's to many more. Now, I ask you, what better way to celebrate this Day Of Cheese than to post pictures... of their feet? Seriously, you have got to love the internet: first the cinemorgue, then celebsmoking, girls with guns in
cinema and tv
and (my fave) celebrities with phones -- now barefoot male celebs.

There's nothing quite like sitting behind your computer being slightly disturbed by other people's fetishes.

Christian Slater (1969)

Patrick Swayze (1952)

Robert Redford (1936)

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