Wednesday, 16 April 2008

flickr favourites #4

originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

Dave Gorman is mostly known for his work on television, but as it turns out, he is also an avid photographer. He was one of the first people on Flickr that I added as a "contact" because what you really notice in his photos is his eye for detail. His patterns/shapes- and London details-photosets are favourites of mine - it may be the old Suede-fan in me (1 2 3), but there's few things I love more than enormous brutalist skyscrapers or decaying buildings. Focusing in on those architectural details, it's incredibly how inhuman and symmetrical those enormous buildings look.

originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.


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Look at the photo gallery.

vanina said...

those sites are amazing, i especially loved the canfranc-website. if you decide to plan a new trip to america, you must include a stop at asbury park in new jersey, it's heaven on earth for people like you and me, jo! :)