Saturday, 22 March 2008

happy birthday, angelo badalamenti

I have a minor obsession with IMDb's birthday listings on the front page. I always shout out a little "happy birthday!" in my head when I come across someone I like, and this quiet, rainy Saturday morning was made a little better by knowing that today is Angelo Badalamenti's birthday. What great score has this man not been involved with? The scores he did for Twin Peaks (both for the series and the film, Fire Walk With Me) will probably always be my favourite of his, though. That simple intro (the longer version's called 'Laura's Theme') is one of the most haunting pieces of music. What I really like about his scores is that they're so minimalist and they bring across every mood possible - he can make one snip of the fingers sound slightly delirious, sinister, uplifting.. I advice everyone to buy the soundtrack to Fire Walk with Me. Anyways, here is a great interview with Angelo about working with David Lynch.

Happy birthday, Mr. Badalamenti, here's to many more.

PS: as a bonus, a gratuitous Bernard Butler-related tidbit: in 1995, Badalamenti did a collaboration with James' Tim Booth, which resulted in an album called Booth and the Bad Angel; Bernard Butler played guitar on some of the tracks.

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